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Pacific Electro-Mechanical, Inc. technicians are certified to service drives, pumps, and pump stations for most manufacturers.  In addition, technicians are sent annually to the Flowtronex FlowNet school in Dallas, Texas, which incorporates new technology training, continuing education training, and specialized training provided by third party manufacturers, including ABB and Cla-Val. 

Pacific Electro-Mechanical, Inc. is your source for industry leading product and has a wide range of purchasing sources.  Over the past 30 years, we have forged relationships with local supply houses, as well as mainland distributors and manufacturers to ensure that we are able to provide quality products and parts to our customers at the best prices available.

Flowtronex has worked hard to become the pumping system solutions provider of choice. As the backbone of "Team Flowtronex," the pump station and controls expert has an established reputation for high quality products and superior customer support.

Founded in 1974, Flowtronex pioneered the use of VFD technology in the golf industry in the 1980's and developed the Turf industry's first online pump station Configurator. Flowtronex has also developed proprietary control software to maximize pump station performance and reliability. From manufacturing to distribution to service, Team Flowtronex represents a group of companies bound by a common brand and a common goal: to design, manufacture, sell, install and service the best packaged pumping systems in the world.

With more than 11,000 installations in over 70 countries, Flowtronex is the world's largest manufacturer of Golf and Landscape pumping systems. Flowtronex's extensive product line includes the energy-efficient Silent Storm Variable Speed Pumping System. Silent Storm Pumping Systems are designed for high flow and pressure applications, pumping up to 15,000 GPM and pressures as high as 150 PSI. Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations, Silent Storm is designed to meet the demands of most landscape and turf irrigation applications.

Flowtronex also designs online configured, pre-engineered Landscaping Pumping Systems. FloBoy Pumping Systems are the systems of choice for Irrigation Consultants, Landscape Architects, Specifiers and end-users for small to mid-size lift, boost and well pump applications. FloBoy systems are skid-mounted, fully pre-fabricated pump and control packages. Their small footprint, all-weather marine-grade aluminum enclosures and superior control logic make them the best, most long-lived pumping solution available.

Additional water management solutions include a broad range of filtration options. Nutrifeed Nutrient Injection Systems accurately and reliably apply up to three different nutrients with the precision of digital control. In either stand-alone installations or directly linked through the Irrigation Central Control Computer, Nutrifeed offers superior nutrient monitoring and control, consistent growth and maintenance characteristics, better root structures and greater pest and disease tolerance.

Flowtronex products are sold worldwide through a vested system of distributors, representatives and factory-direct sales. These skilled pump station professionals quickly and accurately identify and fulfill your pump system needs while exceeding your expectations.

Even with superior product quality and reliable operation, all pump stations require qualified service technicians to install and support them. Flowtronex provides unparalleled product support through FlowNet, the world's largest network of factory-trained and certified pumping system service. Supporting these field technicians, Dallas-based Customer Support provides factory-direct phone support for all modular systems and can quickly dispatch a service technician to most points on the globe. This marriage of manufacturing, distribution and support - Team Flowtronex - has made Flowtronex a name recognized around the world.

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