It pays to have a preventive maintenance program with Pacific Electro-Mechanical, Inc. Our program has evolved over 36 years of designing, selling, fabricating, installing and servicing pumping systems.   We have established a thorough system of checks and performance tests to minimize unforeseen outages while maximizing system performance.  Our preventive maintenance program provides customers with benefits including:

  1. Bullet  Extended equipment life

  2. Bullet  Lower operating costs

  3. Bullet  Greater peak performance

  4. Bullet  Smoother operation

  5. Bullet  Reduced stress on the irrigation system

Pacific Electro-Mechanical, Inc.’s comprehensive preventive maintenance program includes the following during each preventive maintenance visit:

  1. Bullet  Preliminary discussions with operators and observance of pump station operation

  2. Bullet  Inspect critical structure components for corrosion, wear and fatigue

  3. Bullet  Lubricate pump motors in accordance with motor manufacturer’s recommendations

  4. Bullet  Adjust packing glands and clean packing box drains

  5. Bullet  Check of each pump and motor for unusual vibration

  6. Bullet  Test each pump performance under varying flow conditions, if possible

  7. Bullet  Check system pressure, voltage and motor amperage at shut-off condition

  8. Bullet  Check all electrical connections for tightness, test all electrical components for proper operation and make adjustments, if necessary

  9. Bullet  Check condition and operation of all manual and check valves

  10. Bullet  Clean flow sensor and wye strainers in system controls

  11. Bullet  Test for operational correctness and make necessary adjustments to hydraulic control and relief valves, if applicable

  12. Bullet  Clean filters as required (certain filtration systems will require a dedicated trip which is in addition to the basic PM inspection)

  13. Bullet  Instruct on-site personnel in proper operation and maintenance of pumping equipment and controls

Preventive Maintenance